Artisteri` Illustration Gallery in Helsingør, was born from the desire to make the world of conceptual illustration known and bring people closer to a new way of approaching the world around us.

Giulia Neri and Andrea Ucini, the creators of Artisteri Illustration Gallery, have been working in the field of illustration for years, creating covers for magazines such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Time Magazine, New Scientist, Los Angeles Times, Mondadori, American Express, Washington Post, Oprah Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The Rolling Stone, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many others magazines, newspapers, agency and campagne from all over the world.
Their job as illustrators is to find a simple solution to a complex concept. All this through a drawing.

This is what Giulia and Andrea do at 16D Stjernegade in Helsingør, as well as exhibiting and selling their work on the walls of their studio.

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