Kirsten Rotboll Lassen herself perceives her paintings as figurative and realistic. But they can also be seen as abstract. As far as I can see, they resemble that part of abstract expressionism which is called color field and such American artists as Ad Reinhardt, who believed that “art is art (and not anything else)” and Barnett Newman, who like Reinhardt implemented a completely abstract, geometric and at times almost monochrome painting style.

2016 ”Windows”, Nationalmuseum, Copenhagen
2015 ”Imago Mundi”, Fondazione Giorgio Cini
2014 ”Interval”Gallery North, København ”Vinduer” Henneberghus, Esbjerg
2013 “Scenarie3” Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Jutland, Denmark (with Kirsten Schauser)
2013 Gallery North, Copenhagen
2012 ”Scenarier2” YARD The shipyard galleri, København (with Kirsten Schauser)
2012 ”Scenarier1” CirculationsCentralen, Malmø (with Kirsten Schauser) 2012 Toldkammeret, Helsingør
2011 Diamanten, The royal liberi, Copenhagen
2011 Kunstpakhuset, Ikast
2010 Møstings hus, Frederiksberg (with Hanne Linde)
2010 Pakhuset Nykøbing Sj. Denmark (with Signe Adrian)
2009 Lyngby Arts Association